Receiving any type of cancer diagnosis is an extremely overwhelming experience. A person may feel even more frustrated if their medical provider failed to take certain steps in early detection. For example, a test or lab report may not have been rigorously studied and signs of early cervical cancer could be missed.

In many cases, the failure to identify warning signs of cervical cancer can lead to significant pain and suffering during treatment. Furthermore, a person’s condition may be too advanced and as a result, their body may not respond well to treatment. This could eventually cause an individual’s diagnosis to turn for the worst.

Someone who has suffered an advanced cervical cancer diagnosis should consider speaking with a compassionate West Palm Beach cervical cancer lawyer with our firm. At Domnick Cunningham & Whalen, our dedicated medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling cervical cancer cases and recovering much-needed compensation for our clients. Sean Domnick, a Shareholder at the firm, spent over four years litigating Wisekal v. LabCorp, a precedent setting case in cervical cancer misdiagnosis. The case resulted in a $21 million jury verdict in favor of the Wisekal family, the largest recorded verdict against the Pap Smear industry.

We are a team of trial lawyers dedicated to seeking justice for those injured due to cervical cancer misdiagnosis. Our litigators are experienced in handling the most difficult of cases and fighting for the rights and needs of our clients.

Let us fiercely advocate on your behalf if your initial cervical cancer diagnosis was missed or wrongfully treated. We fight to hold a negligent medical provider accountable. If you or a family member received an advanced cervical cancer diagnosis because a doctor or medical staff acted negligently while administering care, call today and schedule an appointment with our experienced and caring team. En Español.

Early Detection and Treatment Is Key

One of the most effective ways for detecting cervical cancer is through a Papanicolaou (Pap) smear, a form of testing that helps reveal abnormalities in cervical cells. Many women who are able to seek medical treatment for early stages of cervical cancer have a significantly better prognosis than those who do not receive timely diagnoses.

Because of the effectiveness of this test, along with other approved treatment and detection methods, the National Institutes of Health estimates that the rate and incidence of cervical cancer will continue to decline in the coming years. However, a woman is still at risk of receiving a misread Pap smear or missed cervical cancer diagnosis.

Missed Cervical Cancer Diagnosis in West Palm Beach

Despite medical advancements in cervical cancer screenings, a doctor or laboratory could still misdiagnose or delay the diagnosis of cervical cancer. It is not uncommon for labs or doctors to rush through examinations and miss important signs that could be indicative of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is diagnosed when abnormal cells develop in the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus. The most common type of cervical cancer develops in the mucous tissues on the surface of the cervix and is known as squamous cell.

Fortunately, squamous cell cervical cancer in its early stages can be treated and cured by a doctor by removing the cells from the cervical tissues. However, if a doctor or a routine lab misses or fails to detect precancerous cells on a Pap smear slide, cervical cancer can spread. Other issues that can result in the need for a West Palm Beach cervical cancer attorney include:

  • Lab errors and Pap smear slide reading errors conducted by overworked lab technicians and pathologists
  • Improper training or inadequate biopsy of the cervix and or the uterus, resulting in infertility
  • Misreading biopsy specimens
  • Improperly using Pap smears as a cervical cancer diagnostic tool rather than as its intended use as a screening test
  • Improper or inadequate training and Pap smear technique by a primary care doctor or gynecologist

Our dedicated legal team is available and ready to advocate for women who have suffered from the devastation of a misread pap smear or a negligent physician’s failure to recognize signs of cervical cancer. We are committed to helping women with cervical cancer malpractice cases and work tirelessly to help ensure injured individuals and their families receive compensation. We have handled many cases resulting in multi-million-dollar verdicts and are passionate about obtaining justice for those harmed by negligent medical professionals.

Call a West Palm Beach Cervical Cancer Attorney Today

Missed cervical cancer diagnoses commonly result in medical negligence lawsuits because there were often signs of precancerous cells in the past that may not have been reported to the patient. When a lab or doctor detects precancerous cells in a pap smear, federal law requires they review records for the past five years to determine if any other test showed abnormal cells. Unfortunately, except under rare conditions are labs and doctors required to disclose their findings to the patient.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cervical cancer due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis or a lab’s incorrectly read Pap smear, contact our West Palm Beach cervical cancer lawyers today. Our law firm can pursue justice on your behalf and hold negligent medical providers accountable for their disregard for your health and well-being. Call today and let us review your case.

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