What Parents Need to Know about JUUL E-Cigarettes

Recent Reports Show a Nearly 80 Percent Jump in Vaping by Teens Last Year. 1 in 5 High School Students Reported That They Used the Devices in the Previous Month.

E-cigarettes and vaping devices have skyrocketed in popularity among teens and young adults over the past few years. Schools have seen a large increase in the use of e-cigarettes, including JUULs, across school campuses.

E-cigarettes are devices which heat up a liquid mixture of nicotine, a flavor, and other chemicals. As the liquid is heated, a vapor is produced and subsequently inhaled by the user. Some e-cigarettes contain nicotine, while others contain THC, which is the chemical component of marijuana.

If your child or a loved one was injured after using an electronic vaping device, you may be entitled to pursue compensation on their behalf. A steadfast attorney who has experience with litigating mass torts could advise you on what parents need to know about JUUL e-cigarettes and help you hold a manufacturer accountable for causing your child’s addiction or injuries.

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The Dangers of Smoking a JUUL

JUUL is a subcategory of e-cigarettes and typically looks like a USB flash drive. They use pods with “e-juice” in them which is then heated and turned into aerosol. One pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes, according to manufacturers. It is just as addictive as the nicotine found in traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine can be extremely harmful, especially for teens and young adults whose brains are still developing. While not all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, the majority do, according to a recent CDC study. JUUL uses nicotine salts unlike many other e-cigarettes, which accounts for the easy and smooth intake of the aerosol and its highly addictive nature.

Consequences for Teens and Young Adults

JUUL has been suspected of marketing their products to underage users through the use of the brand’s social media presence and the fruit flavored pods. The CDC, FDA, and other public health departments are investigating a recent spike in lung injuries in young adults which are related to JUULs and other e-cigarettes.

The CDC has reported approximately 805 lung injuries. 62 percent of patients are between the ages of 18 and 34, 22 percent are between the ages18 and 21, and 16 percent are under 18. The number of teen and young adult patients is only increasing as the popularity of e-cigarettes increases. While many young adults perceive these as healthier than regular cigarettes, e-cig users today may be more likely to smoke regular cigarettes in the future. For this reason, parents should be made aware of certain factors about electronic vaping devices to protect their children from sustaining any injuries.

Ask an Attorney about What Parents Need to Know about JUUL E-Cigarettes

If your child or a loved one is addicted to using e-cigarettes, it is important to discuss the harmful effects of nicotine as well as the risks for long- and short-term lung injuries associated with vaping. If they have suffered a lung injury and/or became addicted, get in touch with the attorneys of Dominick, Cunningham, and Whalen today to discuss your e-cigarette case. Our Florida personal-injury attorneys could help you understand what parents need to know about JUUL e-cigarettes, so do not hesitate to reach out.