Liability for Vaping Injuries in West Palm Beach

E-cigarettes have exploded in popularity in the past ten years. These cigarettes are electronic and contain a vaporized liquid. Manufacturers like JUUL have marketed electronic vaping devices from the beginning as safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes. However, more injuries related to the use of e-cigarettes are reported every day.

Many people, including the governor of North Carolina, are attempting to hold negligent parties liable for the costs and losses associated with vaping injuries. If you recently suffered harm after using an e-cigarette, you should consider retaining a dedicated lawyer who is familiar with determining liability for vaping injuries in West Palm Beach.

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Common Injuries Resulting from E-Cigarette Use

Pulmonary disease is commonly associated with vaping, as biopsies have confirmed. Additionally, this disease is consistent with exposure to noxious chemical fumes.

Some research has also suggested that e-cigarette use can also cause popcorn lung. While this condition is most often caused by inhaling chemicals used to flavor microwave popcorn, it can also be caused by those found in e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette devices have also been known to explode or catch fire. Such incidents can leave accident victims with severe injuries such as skin and bone loss, facial disfigurement, and permanent scarring.

When anyone suffers from any of these injuries, they may be entitled to compensation to offset their losses. Understanding liability for vaping injuries in West Palm Beach is crucial for obtaining monetary damages from responsible parties.

Who is Liable for E-Cigarette Injuries?

Lawsuits claiming compensation for e-cigarette injuries typically fall under product liability law in West Palm Beach. Manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe for consumers to use before allowing them to enter the market. If an item poses inherent risks, it is the manufacturer’s duty to warn customers thereof.

A lawsuit which involves vaping injuries related to explosions and fires will focus on the product’s defective design. When there is a flaw in an item’s design, it typically means that every product with that design is potentially dangerous. In these instances, the manufacturer may also be liable for defective production. This means there was an error made in the assembly or production of the e-cigarette which caused the claimant’s injuries.

Those who have developed pulmonary disease or any other lung condition from using e-cigarettes can also hold manufacturers liable. When e-cigarettes were first introduced to the market, JUUL and other manufacturers advertised them as safer than traditional cigarettes. They did not warn consumers of the potential to suffer injuries similar to those associated with smoking cigarettes. As a result, JUUL and other manufacturers could be held liable for vaping injuries in West Palm Beach.

In some instances, it is not only the manufacturer that can be held liable for injuries associated with electronic smoking devices. In West Palm Beach, it is against the law for retailers to sell e-cigarettes to minors. When they fail to ask for proper identification or allow the sale to take place without it, retailers can be held partially or wholly liable for any injuries a minor sustains from vaping.

Let an Attorney Help you Determine Liability for Vaping Injuries in West Palm Beach

If you have sustained injuries from e-cigarettes, you may be eligible for compensation. Since electronic cigarettes are so new, and there is so much we don’t know about them, these cases are very complex. A lawyer from our firm could help you file your claim and walk you through every step of the process. For help with determining liability for vaping injuries in West Palm Beach, call our skilled legal team today and schedule an appointment.