Calculating West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Action Damages

When calculating West Palm Beach wrongful death action damages, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration. Some of the different factors could be loss of income, loss of consortium, the nature of the relationship, the mentoring, parental responsibilities, parental involvement, and the involvement of the decedent in your life. A compassionate and determined wrongful death lawyer could work with you to calculate the damages you are owed and help you recover the damages that you deserve. Speak with an attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

Factors When Calculating Loss of Future Income

Factors when calculating loss of future income depend on the decedent’s age and how much they were earning at the time of their death. If they were already at the top of their game and there was no room for growth, then the future economic loss claim is easier to calculate; it is just the amount they were earning at the time of their death through the normal work-life expectancy. However,  if somebody was not at the top of their game, and was still growing, then attorneys look at what they could have grown to in earning capacity and map that out. Economic experts can create reports to help lawyers demonstrate the loss to a jury. Age, education, salary, and the potential for upward mobility also play into the calculation of future income.

Role of Economic Experts in Calculating Damages

There are specialists or experts whose job is calculating West Palm Beach wrongful death action damages. In doing so, economic experts have the opportunity to gain certain insights. One thing that an expert might testify to is a person’s growth potential. Sometimes, there may be a person that passes away that was unemployed but, based on their level of education, they were capable of gaining employment in a number of different fields.

An expert may come in and explain that although the person was unemployed, they were still searching for employment in a certain field and then the economic expert can give the range of incomes and what the decedent’s earning potential was even if they were not working at the time or, if they were working at the time, including the growth potential within that field in which they were employed.

Calculating Loss of a Companion

There is no set formula on how to calculate the loss of a companion when calculating West Palm Beach wrongful death action damages. Some of the things that go into damages relating to the loss of a companion or what a jury may award or how strongly they feel about the damages have to do with the strength of the relationship, the familial relationship, the age of the child or the age of the spouse, the length of the marriage, the family dynamic and participation of a loved one in the life of the survivor, contributions to the family, the household, the loss of the relationship, and more.

Loss of companionship seems intangible, but it represents such a critical impact on the death of a loved one. It is difficult to explain the pain and the loss that the family is feeling. That is why it is important to have an expert that is capable of conveying this type of loss in a thoughtful and thorough manner. A well-connected and compassionate attorney could retain the services of a skilled economic expert that can further validate a person’s wrongful death action.