West Palm Beach Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

When you get in your vehicle and drive, you likely obey the local traffic laws and trust that other drivers will do the same. Even if you do not know the local traffic laws, you are still responsible for operating your vehicle in accordance with them. This same principle applies to all other drivers on the road, including truck drivers.

Unfortunately, many people are injured or even killed by truck drivers each year who did not follow traffic laws specific to trucks. Their carelessness forever changes the lives of victims and their families, which is why representation from a skilled truck accident attorney can be critical to your future. If you or a loved one suffered injury from an accident caused by an overweight truck, call a West Palm Beach overweight truck accident lawyer to see what your legal options may be.

Florida Truck Weight Limits

It is simple physics that the more a truck weighs, the more damage it can potentially cause in an automobile accident. In addition, trucks with added weight can be more difficult to control and are more likely to cause an accident.

When a large commercial vehicle collides with a smaller vehicle, very serious and potentially fatal injuries can occur. For this reason, there are limits to how much trucks traveling on Florida roads can weigh.

These limits can vary depending on the build of the truck and the roads it is being driven on. However, truck drivers and their employers are still responsible for knowing and abiding by the weight limits. A West Palm Beach overweight truck accident attorney can help trucking accident victims pursue damages and work to hold negligent truckers and their employers accountable.

Comparative Negligence in West Palm Beach Truck Crash Cases

One legal theory that plaintiffs in overweight truck accident cases should be aware of is pure comparative negligence. In most vehicle accidents, more than one party is at fault for causing the accident. The legal doctrine of pure comparative negligence is how West Palm Beach courts address this factor.

As per Florida Statutes §768.81, this theory divides the responsibility of damages among all parties who were negligent in the accident. For instance, if a plaintiff ran a stop light prior to being hit by an overweight truck, the jury may assign them a percentage of fault in the accident.

Under this system, a plaintiff’s compensation would be reduced by the same percentage of fault that they were assigned. Under pure comparative negligence, however, a plaintiff who is 99 percent at fault can still potentially recover the remaining one percent of their damages with help from a skilled overweight truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Work with a West Palm Beach Overweight Truck Accident Attorney

A compassionate West Palm Beach overweight truck accident lawyer can help you seek compensation after a traumatizing truck crash. Seasoned trucking accident attorneys want to hold truckers and their employers accountable for your damages and seek justice for you.

While no amount of money can ever make your life the same as it was prior to your accident in particularly severe cases, a fair award could help you move forward with your life and not have to worry about paying your medical bills. To learn more about legal strategies that may be able to help you, schedule a consultation today.