West Palm Beach JUUL Vaping Injury Lawyer

Vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking has gained a lot of traction among younger people in the past decade. Marketing campaigns labeled vape devices as a safer alternative to cigarettes while allowing smokers to get their nicotine.

Unfortunately, we now know that e-cigarettes are not safer than traditional cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now advises that the risks associated with vaping are substantial, and non-smokers are encouraged to refrain from doing so as a safe alternative. This especially impacts younger people, as the CDC reports that two-thirds of lung injuries related to vaping are affecting people ages 18 to 34.

It follows that a recent spike in reported lung injuries may be due to the prevalence of vaping. In fact, seven people have already died from lung-related e-cigarette injuries. Those who have suffered similar injuries may have a cause of action to hold the makers of e-cigarettes liable with the help of a seasoned mass torts attorney. A West Palm Beach JUUL vaping injury lawyer could help you pursue a civil claim for compensation to offset your losses.

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Injuries and Addictions Resulting from Dangerous Products

Manufacturers in West Palm Beach have a legal obligation to sell items that are safe for their intended use. However, dangerous products still enter the market, and consumers who suffer an injury as a result retain the right to demand compensation from the production company. Under state law, there are several legal claims which could be relevant in a West Palm Beach JUUL vaping injury suit.

For example, an attorney may argue that the manufacturing specifications of the device are inherently dangerous. They could also work to prove that an error in the manufacturing process resulted in an e-cigarette that was different from the intended specifications. Additionally, they could argue that the production company failed to provide adequate warnings about the hazards associated with the vaping device or proper instructions for safe use.

Many claimants in these cases establish a marketing defect because the makers of dangerous vapes marketed them as a safer alternative for cigarettes. A JUUL vaping injury lawyer in West Palm Beach could help choose a legal path that offers injured people the best chance for success.

E-Cigarettes Marketed to Young Consumers

It is an unfortunate fact that hundreds of people nationwide have reported lung injuries related to e-cigarette use. The CDC released a statement in September which warned about the correlation between lung injuries and vaping. This warning applies regardless of the exact maker of the e-cigarette and whether or not the consumer used the product to inhale THC, CBD, or pure nicotine.

Moreover, these manufacturers marketed to young consumers by packaging their products in colorful boxes with appealing flavors such as mango and cotton candy. Because the production company did not disclose the known health risks of vaping, they may be liable for any subsequent damages that consumers suffer. A West Palm Beach JUUL e-cigarette injury lawyer could provide more information about the health risks associated with vaping and why manufacturers may be responsible.

A West Palm Beach JUUL Vaping Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

The dangers of e-cigarettes and other forms of vaping have made headlines in the past few months, and public awareness of the risks involved with vaping has entered the public consciousness. However, there have already been over 500 cases of vaping related injuries and seven deaths.

These lung injuries may be the responsibility of e-cigarette manufacturers. Their aggressive marketing campaigns and labeling vaping as a safe alternative to smoking may create liability for production companies.

A West Palm Beach JUUL vaping injury lawyer could help you initiate litigation if you now suffer from addiction or a lung injury after using an e-cigarette. Our legal team can explain how product liability laws may apply to your case as well as what you may need to prove in order to collect compensation. Contact our firm today to learn more.