West Palm Beach Failure to Yield Lawyer

A driver’s failure to yield is a common cause of car accidents in West Palm Beach. All drivers must understand the laws governing roadways including yield laws, but often an accident will occur when both drivers believe they had the right of way or when a driver did not yield to a pedestrian or bicyclist. If you were involved in an accident that was caused by a driver’s careless or ignorant driving, a West Palm Beach failure to yield lawyer could help. A dedicated attorney could provide counsel and representation in establishing the cause of the accident and could even advocate for compensation if you were injured.

Right of Way Laws in West Palm Beach

Failure to yield accidents occur when one driver fails to properly stop or slow down to allow another vehicle or pedestrian with the right of way to safely continue. A West Palm Beach failure to yield lawyer could help an injured individual evaluate the circumstances of their accident to determine whether the at-fault party clearly had a duty to yield. In Florida, a driver generally has a duty to yield to:

  • Workers who are performing construction or maintenance on the roadways, so long as some type of warning sign, such as a flag person or physical sign, is present
  • Pedestrians in crosswalks who are crossing appropriately, according to signals or signs
  • Oncoming traffic when making a left turn
  • Buses stopped on the side of the road that are signaling their need to re-enter into traffic
  • Preexisting traffic when the driver is entering a roadway and has a yield sign or where traffic signals are not present or operational
  • Vehicles on the right, if the driver and another vehicle are both entering a roadway from different directions

Establishing Negligence in a Failure to Yield Accident Case

Failure to yield lawsuits are generally based on negligence laws, whereby one party will seek to prove that a driver owed a duty of care to others on the roadway, breached that duty of care by their failure to yield, and caused damages to others as a result of that breach.

When the injured party seeks to prove negligence, the accused driver may retaliate with a counterclaim that the injured party was partially responsible for the accident. However, West Palm Beach lawyers understand these tactics and can help defend their client. A failure to yield attorney can fully explain how negligence law relates to your case.

Speaking with a West Palm Beach Failure to Yield Attorney

If you were injured by someone who failed to give you the right-of-way, you may have the legal right to compensation. To establish your potential right to recover, a West Palm Beach failure to yield lawyer could build evidence to establish the driver’s negligence as well as combat any counterclaims of negligence.

Since it is often not clear who had the right of way in an accident, you should consider consulting knowledgeable legal counsel to assess your situation and build a strong case against the responsible parties. Through strong negotiation with the insurance company and other relevant parties, you could receive a fair compensation for your injuries.