Jill Maxson

I consulted and hired the firm based on a recommendation from a friend who referred me to Sean Domnick. One of his associates was assigned to my case and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had under such a bad circumstance. Michelles professionalism and resolve to do “the right thing” on my behalf was incredible given her relative youth… she reminded me so much of my daughter.. We bonded not only as attorney and client but as people. When she needed to be she was tough- with the mediators- but when I needed her to be a friend during this very difficult time-she was that as well. Empathetic, obviously brilliant, and in total command of the law she was also a relatable person with a family and a humanity about her that is not easy to find. I am sure that we remain friends forever… I would recommend both her and the firm to anyone in my situation.