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Misdiagnosis almost claim’s Vero Beach woman’s life
New law banning texting and driving goes into effect Monday
Widow of tow truck driver who died at Boca Raton overpass files lawsuit
Lawsuit filed in 2017 death of tow truck driver who fell from I-95 overpass
Woman sues over tow driver husband’s death from overpass fall
Widow of Boca man who plunged to death on I-95 files suit
Widow of tow truck driver sues over deadly fall onto I-95
Neglected: Even when staffs cause patient deaths, Florida nursing homes face few penalties

Greg Yaffa is representing a victim of nursing home abuse that led to wrongful death.

When 81-year-old Dolly Moore became lethargic and lost her appetite, nurses at Parklands Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Gainesville said there was nothing wrong

Her children were told to accept that their mother’s worsening dementia triggered the symptoms. Moore was not ill. Her lab results were normal, nurses insisted.

But they were wrong. Moore’s lab results showed a severe infection raging in her body.

John Gentile struggled to breathe, died after less than a day at Palm Garden of Aventura

News about a recent nursing home abuse wrongful death at Palm Garden of Aventura.

Expecting Mothers Signing Rights Away Before Delivery

Sean Domnick comments on a program designed to cut down on malpractice insurance premiums and it’s impact on patients who sign away their right to sue doctors and hospitals.