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Florida Healthcare: Patients Beware

Medical services are a booming industry in the U.S., evident by the proliferation of surgical centers, walk in clinics, health “spas” and various outpatient treatment centers that now advertise on television. As a consumer, do you know the difference between these different types of...

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Protecting Patients Against Medical Errors: No. 3 Cause of Death

Attorneys representing victims of medical malpractice often face discrimination from a skeptical public who cast a blanket judgement believing lawsuits are simply fueled by opportunists and are generally frivolous.  However, an independent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine identifies medical errors as the...

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Supreme Court to Review Controversial Medical Malpractice Law, Patient Privacy Issues

The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to take up a challenge to a controversial law that affects victims of medical malpractice.  In 2013 the Florida Legislature passed a medical liability reform law that allows defense attorneys to speak directly and privately with someone’s doctors if...

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