JUUL and E-Cigarette: Who is Eligible for Compensation?

While e-cigarettes have been on the market for over a decade, the popularity of fireless and smokeless nicotine grew when JUUL was released in the summer of 2015. Since then, the plethora of electronic vaping or smoking products has become popular among teens and young adults who enjoy the various flavors, ease of use, and recreational aspects of the devices.

Some argue that the spike in use is due to deceptive advertising tactics that targeted teens and young adults. Others say it is the fruity or fun flavors in which the smoking liquid comes in or the ability to do tricks with the vapor. However, regardless of cause, more and more cases of lung ailments and severe addiction are reported in association with electronic cigarette products. As it turns out, the devices are having adverse and dangerous effects on users’ health and wellbeing.

Health Risks Associated with E-Cigarettes

Scientists and health officials are still determining the long-term health effects of prolonged use of e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was due to review e-cigarettes in the summer of 2017 but pushed the deadline to 2022. Now, it appears that lawmakers and government organizations such as the FDA are going to implement standards for e-cigarettes and JUULs to ensure the devices’ safety.

One of the primary concerns with these devices is how easy it is to tamper with the component that holds the vaping liquid. Many lawmakers were surprised to see that the FDA does not have rules in place to prevent e-cigarettes or JUULs from being adulterated or tampered with.

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One JUUL pod, normally sold in a pack of four, has as much nicotine as a package of burning cigarettes. After the liquid within the pod has been used, it is meant to be thrown away. However, some individuals keep the pod to refill with other vaporizing liquids such as THC. Many of those who were hospitalized with complications from e-cigarette’s filled the cartridge with an alternative liquid.

With a death toll of seven (and growing) and more than 530 individuals diagnosed with lung disease or other complications from electronic smoking, health officials are looking for a solution to the growing public health epidemic. The number of kids who are severely addicted as well as the long term impacts of their addiction are unknown.

Growing Push for Regulated E-Cigarettes

As our awareness of the health risks associated with electronic cigarettes grows, many states are taking it into their own hands to restrict access to the smoking alternative. For example, the District of Columbia is considering limiting the sales of e-cigarettes to only those with valid prescriptions. Other states such as New York and California require licenses for retail sales of e-cigarettes.

The FDA is currently finalizing its proposal to remove all non-tobacco flavors of e-cigarettes or vaping liquid from the market. This means that JUUL flavors such as Mango, Cool Cucumber, Mint, and Menthol, which are popular with younger audiences, will be removed from the market to leave a tobacco flavor as the only option.

Additionally, school systems around the country are starting to install vape detectors in private places such as hallways and bathrooms to prevent students from using electronic cigarettes on a school campus. Educational facilities, government buildings, and restaurants have had to update terms of service or codes to specifically prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes or JUULs inside.

Compensation for Damages

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently declared the widespread use of electronic cigarettes and JUULs an epidemic, however, that decision is too late for the thousands of individuals addicted to the nicotine-providing devices. While many e-cigarette campaigns state that using one is healthier than using a burning cigarette, neither option is without risk.

Teens, young adults, and adults are at risk of becoming addicted to this substance. JUUL manufacturers failed to warn consumers about the danger of their product, leaving thousands suffering from addiction and health complications, and many who have been affected by this product are seeking compensation.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you or someone you love has been affected by JUUL or other e-cigarette manufacturers, it is important that you reach out to legal counsel immediately. A lawyer experienced in product liability could help you understand your situation and the legal path your case may take as you seek compensation.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Dominick Cunningham & Whalen could help you assess your damages and fight for just and right compensation to offset your pain and suffering. We understand the difficulties that may come with addiction as well as your healthcare costs from a faulty product, and we want to help you reach the compensation that you may be owed.