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Genetic Misdiagnosis Results in Significant Injuries to Family

After the Mathes family heard about a genetic test that could check for increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, several of them underwent the evaluation offered by Myriad Genetics, Inc. The Mathes family, whose relatives have a history of cancer, were shocked to...

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Florida’s Brightline Rail Company Labeled Nation’s Deadliest

There has been a push for legislation in Florida concerning railroad safety after the passenger rail line Brightline was labeled as the nation’s deadliest railroad. Since beginning operations two years ago, the company has seen a growing number of fatalities, with reports of more...

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Negligence to Security Hazards in Nursing Homes

In the final stages of a person’s life, it is essential they feel safe and protected in their home. This is why nursing homes must live up to their responsibility of taking care of each one of their residents, known as their duty of...

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Inhalant Abuse and Manufacturer Responsibility

Inhalant abuse, also referred to as ‘huffing’ or ‘dusting’, is a prevalent, sometimes overlooked, method of misusing everyday household items in the United States. Individuals can experience a high by breathing in the fumes of products like the computer cleaner Dust Off. The high...

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Growing Number of Lawsuits Involving Inhalant Abuse

For most people, spray products such as Blast Away and Ultra Duster are only household cleaners for electronics or small spaces. However, these products are used in an even more dangerous capacity: as popular recreational drugs known as inhalants. While inhalant abuse is not...

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The Dangers of ‘Huffing’ and ‘Dusting’: The Growth of Recreational Inhalants

Common products in households across America can be dangerous: a can of computer cleaner, dusting spray, or aerosol spray. These mundane office or kitchen supplies can be ‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’ to get high, severely affecting a person’s health or even leading to death. Many...

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