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Inhalant Abuse and Manufacturer Responsibility

Inhalant abuse, also referred to as ‘huffing’ or ‘dusting’, is a prevalent, sometimes overlooked, method of misusing everyday household items in the United States. Individuals can experience a high by breathing in the fumes of products like the computer cleaner Dust Off. The high...

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Growing Number of Lawsuits Involving Inhalant Abuse

For most people, spray products such as Blast Away and Ultra Duster are only household cleaners for electronics or small spaces. However, these products are used in an even more dangerous capacity: as popular recreational drugs known as inhalants. While inhalant abuse is not...

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The Dangers of ‘Huffing’ and ‘Dusting’: The Growth of Recreational Inhalants

Common products in households across America can be dangerous: a can of computer cleaner, dusting spray, or aerosol spray. These mundane office or kitchen supplies can be ‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’ to get high, severely affecting a person’s health or even leading to death. Many...

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Top 10 Safety Tips You Should Know Before Traveling to Florida

Are you thinking of planning a trip to Florida? The Sunshine State has everything from the serene beaches of the Key West and lively nightlife in Miami to adventuring in the Everglades and relaxing at a resort like Disney World. While this state is...

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What is the Protocol for Screening for Cervical Cancer?

The idea of getting tested for cervical cancer might seem daunting. However, understanding what the screening entails, how often it should be done, and what you can expect from the process can help alleviate your worry. The Process of Cervical Cancer Screenings Screening for...

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What is Elder Abuse?

Many people associate nursing homes with long-term, personalized care of elderly loved ones, but they are not always safe places for residents. Elderly abuse in nursing homes is unfortunately common, but understanding and recognizing the signs of caregiver mistreatment can help prevent it from...

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